When the color combo you dragon search for daily has gone up by one result, and it’s been exalted already





I know this feel ;_; *pats*

Dom battles are really bad for that. What’s the colour combo?

Green/gold/white male. I own a female of the right color I have been trying to breed one with, someone owns another female who is my girl’s mother, there’s a male on an inactive account, and the rest are exalted.

Late to the game, but I decided to join in on the FR legacy challenge thing for something to do on FR that wont take my attention every day (since I’m so swamped with Uni).

Started with a shadow egg to celebrate my moving to shadow last month, and because all the offspring will be shadow anyway. My goals for finishing are a proper shadowy dragon (who I may turn into a nocturne when the time comes) and as for the interim, a TG Skydancer.

Blue/rust/fire. Woooorkable I suppose. My first course of action is to find a suitable mate with 3 treasure genes to start working my way down the generations. I’m thinking I’ll start with another plentiful breed since I’m not fond of tundras, and it could take a while to get up to Common. Any advice from people who have done their own legacy challenges?